Monday, April 18, 2011

Randon Beach Rock Painting

I needed to paint something different. I used Art Rage to do paint this.

Random Light Study (Bernini Sculpture)

I couldn't sleep one night and had an itch to paint something....

...... so I did.

Environment Concepts

For a friend of mine. These designs were for her story (honestly I'm in love with her concept)....

I took a jab at some environments which are in her story. Will definitely be working on more of these later on. Whether or not I'll be coming back to these I don't know.....maybe to color them.

10 of Pentacles Card Illustration

Normally I wouldn't work on a piece like this. However, I cant say no to an interesting concept and a chance to further develop my work. This piece was done for another client, he wanted a card designed for the 10 of Pentacles Tarot card deck of his.

This was the character rough painting I did. I needed to concept him and then just add him in over the background.

Embrace Illustration

This was an illustration commission I worked on a few months ago. I've been needing to post this, it came out alright. I would love to go back and redo this but I don't think that it's going to happen. Colors were interesting to figure out and the "Drider" was really fun to position.

This was the female character. I wanted to do a side concept for her, just to get a rough idea of what the client wanted for her.

The completed piece. Like I said, interesting piece. Very fun to do though.

OLD - Magic the Gathering Cards

These are very old. Way back when I was going to Ai of IE. But I was going through my gallery and decided I should post them. So...... ya........

Monday, April 4, 2011

Keith Portrait

This was a commission I just finished for a friend of the family. I created this portrait using graphite and charcoal on white 18x24 inch drawing paper.

I have recently been receiving requests to show my progress and I wanted to start with this piece, as you see below.

Overall, this was a really fun portrait to work on. I've never combined graphite and charcoal this way but it came out great in my opinion. I plan to try to perfect this method of working for later portraits and illustrations.