Tuesday, August 24, 2010

LCAD Art - 1st semester

My first oil painting. A master copy of Jacques-Louis David's "Death of Marat". I would like to attempt it again in color some day.

My second oil painting and another master copy. I ended up really enjoying Joaquin Sorolla's loose brush work. I learned a lot from this one.

My third Oil painting and my favorite. I'm not finished with this one. I still have to finish the value and then add colors as a glaze over it. It's a copy of the modern master Jacob Collins. Check out this artist; he has a wonderful sense of surface quality and realism.

A charcoal rendering of a Indian. Total completion time was around 16 hours.

Okay. First of all. I know that there are proportion problems with this piece!... :) This is another Master copy for my Life Drawing class. This one was done in charcoal on toned paper.

An unfinished graphite rendering of a still life. I have around 20+ hours on this one, and another 10+ hours until it's finished.

A quick 1 hour still like study in white and black chalk. I was aiming toward implying surface and form.

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